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the cedar cabin is a place where healing happens
  • Shamanic

    Shamanic Healing is a dynamic, complimentary approach to healing that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our Being through one, or any combination of, the alternative healing therapies and methods practiced at The Cedar Cabin.
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  • Reflexology
    & Acupressure

    Reflexology helps release endorphins (natural pain-killers), parasympathetic relaxation of the nervous system takes place, and increased blood and lymphatic circulation results causing increases in oxygen and immune levels. Combined, this helps to restore balance to all the systems of the body.
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  • Reiki

    Reiki is a natural healing system that uses variable frequency energy to heal. The energy is electromagnetic in nature and is a treatment for all aspects of a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual essence.
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  • Animal

    Our pets are in our lives to bring us love, joy and learning! These beautiful beings have chosen us as caregivers to provide for their needs and in exchange they teach us about ourselves with unconditional love.
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  • Soul Path

    A soul path reading is a beautiful way to connect with the realm of Spirit through channeled messages from your angels, guides, animal totems, ancestors, loved ones, and Higher Self.
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  • Reiki Courses

    Living in the Toronto area and would like to take your interest in reiki healing to the next level and become a practitioner? Already practicing reiki healing but ready to upgrade your knowledge? The Cedar Cabin offers comprehensive training courses in reiki healing for levels 1, 2 and Masters.
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